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The Primary School in Sarbice
The oldest inhabitants have remembered the Primary School in Sarbice since 1926. Since 1991 Dorota Granos has been the principal of the school. Along with the pedagogical team, the created "School demanding in a friendly way". The quality of education and openness to the world play a crucial role in the school's activity. For their exceptional work in favor of the development of education, teachers have received national and departmental awards, honorable badges for meritorious service in favor of local district, province and activities for the good of children (e.g. The Teacher of the Year, among others). The teachers have constantly been improving their knowledge taking place in: trainings, improving and qualifying courses, workshops, seminaries, postgraduate studies, practices abroad, scientific symposiums and conferences, thematic clubs, for instance "The Learning Schools' Club", The Directors' Club. The professional output of the teachers is so significant that they are invited to give lectures during nationwide and international conferences.

The school organises many trainings for the representatives of education and self-government administration, carried on, for instance, by Associate Professor Antoni Jeżowski and Full Professor Ryszard Łubniewski. For many years the teachers of the Primary School in Sarbice on base of cooperation with The State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin has carried on workshops and presentations for the listeners of postgraduate studies in range of the improvement the school quality and application for financial resources.

During its existence, the Primary School in Sarbice existence was rebuilt especially intensively in the last fifteen years. In that time the window carpentry in the whole building was changed, central heating was installed, a canteen with a very rich base was set up, classrooms, a common room, sanitary ware were modernised, a pedagogue cabinet was issued, computer, musical and individual teaching rooms were set up, and a cloak-room was rebuilt. Among other things in 1993-97 there was a modern air-conditioned gymnasium built with floor heating, safe-glass windows, cloak-rooms and showers. Children can play basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. In the 6-class Primary School, where there's also kindergarten, 70 children study. They start studying English and German since kindergarten, since the first class they also study ICT. There have been introduced modern techniques making as well as methods of education, system, teachers' own syllabi and pedagogical innovations. For many years the teachers use activating teaching methods including the project method, for instance, during the European education lessons "The everyday Europe" realised as the after school lessons.

The teachers have also been publishing their works. They actively perform in several programmes, such as SUS, SUSOK, Comenius, "To equalize opportunities", "Sport for All Children", "e-School", "Sport Animator", "Free a Book", "Keep your brain sober", "I know what I'm reading", "Win with Asthma". They show their out put while forum of many associations, companies and education foundations, for instance, Association for Educational Initiatives, The National In-Service Teacher Training, The Polish Human Resources Management Association, The Centre for Citizenship Education Foundation, The Polish Society for Prevention of Drug Abuse. They also take part in charity actions such as "The Joy to Give", "Santa Claus' Assistance" i.e. the collection of food before Christmas "Let's help the poor and hungry".

After school pupils have opportunity to take part in several activities, partly bringing on by voluntary teachers, in the subject's groups (Polish studies, mathematics, informatics, declamatory), the artistic groups (theatrical, movies, dance, vocal, playing instruments, rhythmical), school newspaper group, equalising lessons, individual teaching. They also use a wide range of the recreation and sport occupations, funded by the non-governmental organisations and Ministry of Sport.

The school has been visited by the representatives of educational authorities (for instance in 1997 The National Educational Education Vice-Minister, Mr. Kazimierz Dera, in 2004 the Minister Spokesman, Mr. Mieczysław Grabianowski, in 2003 the Wielkopolska's schools superintendent, Mr. Apolinary Koszlajda), also by the self-governed authorities (The Wielkopolska's Governor, Mr Jerzy Błoszyk), the church authorities (bishop Roman Andrzejewski), universities (among others Rector of The State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin, Full Professor Józef Orczyk, Rector of The High Management School in Legnica, Full Professor Ryszard Łubniewski, Vice Rector of The State High Professional School in Głogów, associate Professor Antoni Jeżowski), members of parliament and senators. Besides, our school has been visited by numerous foreign delegations with the government, council and education representatives from the countries, such as the USA, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Turkey.

What is worth mentioning is a very good co-operation with parents. For some years now, there have been organised environmental entertainments on occasion of Grandmother and Grandfather Day, Family Week (Mother, Father, Child Day), Christmas Tree Party, common touring excursions, etc. Parents take part in meeting and trainings, assist in the holidays organisations as well as other entertainments in our school.

The Primary School in Sarbice has got a numerous bunch of friends and well wishers. Thanks to their support the school's rebuilt and equipping was possible, as well as sport's camps, summer camps, green schools, numerous touring excursions and walking rallies. People who systematically support the school are honoured with the "School's Friend" and "The Great Heart Person" titles. Pupils give these honourable titles.

The school building, its location, equipment, rich kitchen base and accommodation support as well as the extensive recreation areas with a full-scale football court allow to organise summer rest, winter camps and rallies, too. The supplementary asset is the school's location by the Warta River close to the recreation water reservoir called "Przykona", and the local forests make the climate very unique and advantageous to tourism.