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School of Our Dreams - the code name for our key project tells all as a methodical program of equalization of opportunities for all our children, regardless of social and economic background and educational attainment in rural environment.

"We have no time for boredom!" declares enthusiastically our motto in an effort to promote a broad range of extracurricular activities like:
  • theater
  • vocal / choral productions
  • library / research guidance
  • journalism / reporting
  • environmental excursions
  • trips to city-cultural events and
  • other specialty workshops
Within this local context, international Project Socrates-Comenius enhances in school systems qualities of universal standards of education and supports an international dimension of education through immensely valuable comparative experiences of school systems in Countries as varied as Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland, Poland or Turkey. Collaboration in this Project will allow both, teachers and students, to improve language communication skills in English, develop new professional experiences and evaluate applicability of differences in educational systems in the respective countries.


In this regard, a brief review of our specific programs may be illustrative of practical dimensions of this Project.

Program "Equal Opportunities" within this open-dimension program we are currently pursuing "An Inquiry Into Frogs' Daily", a program of lectures and countryside excursions to explore impact of changing microclimat conditions on frogs' habitat. Students' photo competition display stresses awareness of frogs as bellwethers of climate changes and is explained and communicated to large peer groups in other schools.

Program "Learning Schools' Club"; nationwide network of schools committed to enhancement of quality of learning process through exchange of hands-on experiences between teachers and promotion of teachers-parents interaction.

Program "Sport For Everyone"; a broad range of sport and recreational activities, competitive and non-competitive sports in a spirit of proverb "In Healthy Body Healthy Spirit". A sub-program to develop skills of "competitive sports' arbiter" as a means of enhancing non-confrontational attitude toward equitable resolution of conflict situations.

Program "e-School"; a development program to expand and improve local e-infrastructure enhancing educational process. Courses for teachers how to adopt e-infrastructure in class instruction and school / departments management. This program also incorporates a community-oriented Internet Center for Multimedia Information (ICIM) in a local library, available to teachers, students, parents and other members of our community.

Program "School In Our Community"; an ongoing program of increasing awareness of a school as a center for community learning and multi-initiatives. E.g.
  • tutoring for slow-learners,
  • periodic excursion to city's theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibitions etc.,
  • enhancement of children's special interest and skills, whenever possible,
  • encouragement for students to present their accomplishments at annual County's Culture Fair, International Day of Europe, Day of National Education or nationwide Education Fair in Poznan, a provincial capital.

A conclusion of the Project "School Of Our Dreams" has taken place in nation's capital, Warsaw, at a special ceremony held at the Royal Castle under the auspices of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland.